Hard Orange An alcoholic orange soda with a bright orange aroma a unique blend of Valencia oranges to impart a fresh, juicy, orange flavor ABV=4.2% Available year round Cans and Bottles

                        Franziskaner Hefe-Weissen

A natural and elegant Weissbier protagonist from Bavaria with a lush white foam. The copper golden wheat beer with hefetrüber opalescence develops an aromatic fragrance with a harmonious fruit in the banana and citrus fruits can greet


Bottles, Draft


                                       Hard Ginger Ale An alcholic ginger ale with moderate ginger aroma with noticeable spicy and fruity citrusy undertones ABV=4.2% Available year round Cans and Bottles

                        Franziskaner Dunkel-Weissen

The sensual baroque appearance from Bayern smells harmoniously by malt, with subtle notes of fresh bread, nuts and caramel are recognizable. The velvety-soft mouthfeel and refreshingly tangy body make the dark wheat beer into something very special